What is CryptoTab Browser Pro?

What is CryptoTab Browser Pro?

What is CryptoTab Browser Pro? We are going to know about it. All of you must be running internet in your mobile. But have you ever thought that you can earn money by searching online on the internet?

What is CryptoTab Browser Pro
What is CryptoTab Browser Pro

So it is absolutely true that you can earn money by searching online. So let’s see what is CryptoTab, how to earn money. Below you will find answers to all these questions about how your earnings will be credited to your account.

CryptoTab Browser Pro?

Cryptotab Browser Pro is a browser whose name you know it is a browser but it is a bit different from other browsers.

Which means whenever you search for something or spend your time in Chrome Chrome gives you nothing but cryptotabs. Browser Pro lets you earn.

Because it has a BTC mining option inside, whenever you open CryptoTab Browser Pro, your mining will start. And you can transfer all my BTC to your account.

How to Download CryptoTab Browser Pro?

(1): First of all you have to click on download button. After clicking, you will be redirected to their official site, there you will find a download button, clicking on it will take you to Play Store but you will not be able to download this app until you are 55 in Play Store Do not pay Taka. So you have to download this app for 55 Taka.

(2): First of all you have to open your app.

(3): After opening the app you have to sign up here with your mail id.

(4): After signing up you have to scroll down a bit and click on Activate Mining button.

(5): Now your BTC mining has started. And you can take it back.

(6): Now you have to visit the app every 3 hours and enable mining.

(7): You can withdraw your earnings on CoinSwitch Kuber/Zebpay.

Features of CryptoTab Browser Pro

There are a lot of features inside Cryptotab, I will tell you some of the major features.

(1): Browsing Profile

This browser gives you 3 types of browsing modes.

When you log in to the app, you will find the default regular browsing profile selected.

You can also change your profile lightly and safely. Light will speed up your browser.

Safely, your browser gets a layer of extra protection.

(2): AdBlock Status

Here you will also get the option to block ads. All you have to do is enable adblock status.

After that, no matter how much browser you surf, you will not be bothered by unwanted ads.

(3): Referral Program

Here you will also find options for referral programs. You have to copy your promotional link from here.

You must share this link with your social media and friends. When he installs this app from your referral, you will earn some money.

You can also earn money from referrals within it.

(4): Incognito Mode

Inside the Crypto tab, you will find the option of Incognito Mode, which allows you to browse etc.

With this, you can browse the store without any cache, which is an amazing feature.

(5): Dark Mode

Very few browsers have the option of dark mode. You will find this feature in the Crypto tab. You can switch your browser to dark and white mode with one click.

What is Crypto Mining?

If you don’t know what is cryptocurrency? And how it is done by crypto mining.

You must have realized that after gold mining the gold has come out, they have to do this. Get out of this kind of crypto, let me tell you there is no such thing.

Crypto Mining Crypto mining is done online using the power and network of computer or laptop, you need a software and a mobile or computer.

You do not have to work hard in crypto mining if you have a good laptop or mobile then you can earn. Millions of months worth of good crypto mining. In crypto mining, you have to mine some cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum trx etc.


You must have liked today’s post CryptoTab Browser Pro very much. If you are a student then you can earn your monthly pocket money from here.

I am clearing one thing in front of you, from here you can earn more but not pocket money. Today I have told you in detail about how to earn money from Cryptotab Browser Pro. Hope you got some new knowledge from today’s post.

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