[Solved] How to Fix Breadcrumbs Error in WordPress

If you are facing the breadcrumbs issues then you have come to the right place. We are going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to fix breadcrumbs error in WordPress. A breadcrumb navigation system tells users where they are on the website in relation to its homepage.

Moreover, your website will also appear in search results with this breadcrumb trail, which makes it more likely that your website will be found. Although it sounds like something scrumptious, it’s actually an error on the Google Search Console that affects many bloggers every day. Putting it simply, breadcrumbs are a trail of hierarchy pages that guide a user through a website in an easy and efficient manner, helping them to navigate the site as easily as possible. You will find it on top of a webpage.

In case your website has URL’s that have Breadcrumb issues, here is the link you can use to check whether they exist


how to fix breadcrumbs error in wordpress

If you click on the Error message “Breadcrumbs ##invalid item detected”, you will be taken to a page. A working breadcrumb should contain the “name” : “Home” as shown in the image below.

If you click on the text “Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified” on the right-hand side, a panel will appear as shown in the image below. Here is an example of an error on Either “name” or “item name” should be specified.

If the URL in the field ID is incorrect, an error message will appear

How to Fix Breadcrumbs Error in Google Search Console

What is the solution to the breadcrumbs error in the Google Search Console? How can you resolve the breadcrumbs issue that has been detected in your WordPress site? The breadcrumbs issue has been reported or experienced by many people in the past.

It is easy to fix breadcrumbs error in WordPress if you are using the Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress website. Log in to the WordPress admin for the website and click on the ‘SEO’ menu item. Click on “Search Appearance” and then select “Breadcrumbs” from the drop-down menu that appears.

The website link should be entered in the URL’s dialog box above and checked

Ways to resolve missing field item – breadcrumbs issue in Yoast SEO

  1. Check to see if you have recently updated your theme for your Website and whether you have a breadcrumb option configured in your Theme Settings if you have not already done so.
    • Go to WordPress Dashboard
    • Then go to the Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Breadcrumbs
    • The breadcrumb setting should be disabled and then enabled from Yoast, if you are using the Yoast SEO plugin for your website.
  2. Make sure that Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs have been enabled on your site.
  3. Go to Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs Settings – Yoast SEO > Search Appearance > Breadcrumbs > Toggle the ‘Breadcrumbs’ switch and make sure it is enabled
how to fix breadcrumbs error in wordpress

Simply add some text to the Anchor text for the Homepage field, such as ‘Home’ for example, and save the settings after adding the text. It is now time to try to inspect the URL for the Google Search Console using the URL inspection tool.

The main problem with the website lies in the fact that somewhere in the breadcrumbs settings of the website there is a conflict, namely between the theme of the website or a SEO plugin such as Yoast. It would be a good idea to disable the theme’s breadcrumb settings in order to enable Yoast SEP breadcrumbs and check the result.

how to fix breadcrumbs error in wordpress

As a result, you will see the message “URL is available to Google”. This will most probably fix breadcrumbs error in WordPress.

I hope that this article helped you and that you now know how to fix breadcrumbs error in WordPress as a result of reading it.

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