3 Step Email Marketing Campaign to Get First 50 Subscribers Fast

Despite being one of the oldest forms of digital communication, email remains the most widely used. Yes, there are other ways to communicate with your audience and customers. A variety of communication methods are available, such as social media, live chat, and email. The king of marketing channels, however, is email, which has a user base of over 4 billion people.

Email marketing also has a return on investment of $38 for every dollar spent, so it should be part of every marketer’s arsenal. Here is a 3 step email marketing campaign to get your first 50 subscribers.

Unique Email Lists

Online marketing relies heavily on the contact list. You will get better results from your online marketing campaigns if you have high-quality email lists. The email list contains your contacts as well as basic storage for all content created in your account. So, you should build a solid foundation for your online marketing success by creating your contact list the right way.

Separate email lists are highly recommended for contacts with different information needs or preferences. You can use your lists to store contacts with similar characteristics and send them relevant communications. For instance:

  1. All contacts who consented to receive email marketing messages are on same list
  2. Separate lists for different groups of contacts. For instance:

  • potential customers
  • one-time customers
  • frequent customers

You should create multiple contact lists because:

  • The right message can be delivered to the right people (personalization)
  • Content can be planned more easily in this way
  • Contact activity can be tracked and communication optimized
  • More relevant communication has a greater impact on business

I guess you’d prefer the second option. That’s what makes you an expert! Answer these questions before you create your contact list:

  • What is the (business) purpose of this list?
  • How will you provide information from this list to people?
  • Who is on the list?
  • Do you need to comply with any legal requirements?

Contacts — people you do business with

You can send messages to the people on your contacts list. They should be your target audience – people who may one day become your customers. To do this, they must express an interest in what you have to offer. It makes no sense to reach out to people who are unlikely to convert.

To make your list a source of revenue, you need people who are interested in your brand. You can ask people who signed up via a web form for additional confirmation by sending them a confirmation email that contains a link. Double opt-in is a technique that helps maintain high-quality contact lists.

You can build segments based on the criteria you specify. These recipient groups can give you a huge advantage when it comes to sending the right emails at the right time to the right people.

List Building Funnel

Putting theory into practice is what this part is all about. This guide will show you how to create a list and use a conversion funnel to get your first subscribers. The question you might ask is, “Why 50? Because 50 makes sense as an email marketing threshold. You probably have a good offer if you can quickly convince 50 people to subscribe to your list. Once you learn how to grow your list to 50 contacts, you can apply the same rules to grow your list to 5000.

Here is the step-by-step strategy:

I will use Get Response to demonstrate how to apply these strategies in practice. Why did I choose Get Response? It is among the most widely used email and marketing automation tools online.

Using Get Response’s free version, we will apply the strategies. The free account offers these features:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Signup and contact forms
  • List building for up to 500 contacts
  • More

These are sufficient to apply the strategy. You can use the free version to learn about the service and how to build contacts if you are building an email marketing list for the first time.

Go to your Get Response account and click on Create List.

From the available options, choose Conversion Funnel to build a building funnel:

It is best to choose a standard opt-in funnel when you are starting a new blog or email marketing campaign. Eventually, as your blog or brand grows, you will have the opportunity to explore and test other options to determine which method works and suits you.

Next, create a landing page that allows visitors to learn more about the project and sign up for newsletters. From the available templates, choose the design template that best suits your brand and your needs.

Get Response’s biggest advantage is its library of ready-to-use templates. Design skills aren’t necessary since you can select a template from the available designs, add minor adjustments such as branding, etc., and you’re done.

Once the user has signed up, the last step is to confirm the relationship by sending a welcome email to your new contact by selecting a template from the email confirmation section.

Online marketing, fitness and wellness, retail and e-commerce, publishing, health and beauty, agencies, restaurants, real estate, education, coaching, and more are included in the library of newsletter templates.


You can try the full acesss of Get Response online marketing platform for 30 days here to test and build your strategy before its full implementation fo your brand.

Haris Sheikh

Haris Sheikh holds engineering and business degrees, and spends time writing articles and blogging, and reading about technology, science, fitness, and astronomy.

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